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    About Us

    Comedy House is run by two natives and die hard residents.

    We are New Orleans through and through.

    We’ve performed and produced comedy shows since 2006 and opened, run, and owned multiple comedy venues in the 504 and beyond for nearly as long.

    We are a comedy community of diverse minds, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and identities—and our shows reflect that every week, in style, content, and perspective.

    While we were among the first on the scene to foster a place for comedians in New Orleans over a decade ago, we are in awe of the growing number of skilled and hard working souls dedicated to the craft today.

    And we are doubly proud to offer them a beautiful and welcoming space, captained by professionals with deep comedy roots and deep industry connections, where they can showcase their talent, grow their comedic genius, and (ahem) become famous.

    You saw them here first.

    Comedy House New Orleans aims to be an incubator, a guidepost, and a linchpin for Nola comics.

    It is our mission to provide a needle-moving stepping stone for the dedicated comedic individuals in Greater New Orleans, to lift them up and help them navigate the comedy world in any way we can.

    Which means you’ll always see an excellent comedy show no matter what night of the week you stop by.

    Come laugh with us. We’ve got a seat and a drink with your name on it.


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