• Vision Statement
    To make New Orleans a better place to live, work and play.
    Mission Statement
    Our Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded to advance the mission of the New Orleans Chamber and to positively impact the quality of life through education and community development.


    We are a resource to leverage the support of the New Orleans business community and secure additional external support for the community to enhance sustainable economic development, entrepreneurship, small business growth and workforce development initiatives to make New Orleans a better place to live, work and play.

    The Women's Leadership Conference, a program of the New Orleans Chamber Foundation, is a premier event designed to foster growth, inspire change, and empower our community of female leaders. Established with a commitment to charitable and educational endeavors, the Foundation has crafted an environment where knowledge and ambition converge in celebration of women's potential. This annual conference, aptly named "Power Up: Women's Leadership Conference," serves as a dynamic hub for those eager to propel their careers forward and expand their professional networks. The event draws together a diverse group of attendees, ranging from emerging leaders to seasoned professionals, all united by a common drive for professional development.

    The collaborative learning atmosphere is further enriched by the involvement of numerous local women's organizations and corporate sponsors. These partnerships ensure a rich tapestry of perspectives and expertise, making the women's leadership conference a comprehensive platform for learning and networking. By attending the Power Up: Women's Leadership Conference, participants not only gain access to exclusive educational content but also join a supportive community of like-minded professionals. This collective experience not only ignites professional growth but also fosters a sense of unity among local women striving to make a mark in their fields.

    Board of Directors

    Charles C. Teamer Sr., Chairman

    Patricia C. Denechaud, Vice Chairman

    E. Fredrick Preis, Jr., Treasurer

    Yvonne Mitchell-Grubb, Secretary

    Sandra Lombana Lindquist, President

    Sean M. Bruno

    Jane Cooper

    Andrea Huseman

    Emad Jabbar

    Kay Oplinger

    David B. Payton


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