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    Unitech Training Academy is a Proprietary School open to all students regardless of age, race, etc. Our philosophy is to maintain a professional outlook and consideration to our students with them in mind. At Unitech Training Academy, we not only want our students trained (Job Ready) but also trained on how to keep a job. At Unitech Training Academy, we believe that the training we do directly and appropriately reflect our students’ performance, attitude, and capability of their work. Unitech Training Academy also realizes the overwhelming need in the community for professionally trained persons. It is Unitech Training Academy’s philosophy to provide the community with a choice of desirable, productive, and well-trained individuals.

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    • Unitech Training Academy was granted a license by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on Apr
    • Beginning with one program, the Certified Nursing Assistant program, the school now offers other programs to meet the ne


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    Happy Birthday Unitech we are 17 Years old!
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