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    About Us

    Brain Spice facilitates innovation with ideation training, emerging technology consulting, product development, and research commercialization services. We're experts in all things future-tech including AI model training and prompting, AI integration, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed/extended reality, 3D modeling and real-time animation, app development, and more.

    Our clients include researchers and educational institutions, inventors and investors, and growth-oriented enterprises.

    + Step One +
    LIGHT THE FIRE within your department or organization with ideation workshops, innovation audits, and/or motivational speaking engagements.

    + Step Two +
    HARNESS MOMENTUM with market research & customer discovery services, funding opportunity or partner identification, due diligence, and guided roadmap sessions.

    + Step Three +
    CROSS THE FINISH LINE with emerging technology consulting, full product development services, and tech stack consolidation assistance.

    // Brain Spice is a woman-owned, disability-owned small business based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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