• Networking Best Practices: What’s Your Approach?


    Networking Tips from the New Orleans Chamber: 

    • "It is important to remember that networking should be mutually beneficial. While it is great to go into an event with clear goals, it is not always about what can be done for you and your company. By focusing on forming solid business relationships, more opportunities will follow."
      •  Ben Johnson, President & CEO

    • "Follow-up is perhaps the most important step to successful networking. By re-establishing the connection in an email follow-up, your contact will be reminded of who you are and how you can help them in the future.”
      • Sandra Lindquist, VP of Operations and Membership

    • "One key is to be yourself and really listen to conversations. With so much going on, it is easy to zone-out or appear uninterested. Other attendees will appreciate your genuine responses.”
      • Ashley Falkenstein, Director of Membership

    • “You never know who will make a great connection! While someone might not need your services directly, there is power in referrals! You never know who might have a client or friend in need of your product or service.”
      • Ashley Doubleday, Director of Marketing and Communications

    • “Becoming ‘a regular networker’ is more valuable than you might think! While you yourself will get more comfortable with talking to new people, you will also become a familiar face to other networkers."
      • Krystan Hosking, Director of Events

    •  “While it’s great to re-connect with friends and past contacts at networking events, try to branch out and meet new people. By setting a goal of making 2-3 new connections at each event, your business network will grow rapidly”

    Full Article From The New Orleans 100: 

    Networking Best Practices: What’s Your Approach?

    The room-hoppers, the connectors, the one-timers and the familiar faces. The list is long! With 1,200 businesses and 58,000 member employees, the Chamber staff and ambassadors have seen everything when it comes to types of networkers.

    While there is no magic key to networking, there are some strategies that can keep professionals and their businesses in the game. What’s the first step you ask? Know your networking personality.

    No matter your approach, you can easily perfect your networking style with these tips from the New Orleans Chamber staff and 2016 Ambassador of the Year, Fernanda Previgliano!

    – Ashley Doubleday, The New Orleans Chamber


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