• New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2023 Now Accepting Speakers

    December 26, 2022

    New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2023 Now Accepting Speakers

    New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) 2023 is now accepting applications for
    speakers. This year’s returning event will run from March 27th to April 1st, 2023 and offers a
    dynamic six-day experience with national and local industry leaders across startup/business,
    technology, music, food and drink, and more. To apply or submit names for speakers, go to
    https://bit.ly/NOEW2023SpeakerApp to fill out the speaker application form. All applications
    are due by January 10th, 2023.

    New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is always proud to feature a diverse line-up of excellent
    speakers that includes local thought leaders from the region alongside leading thinkers and
    experts from around the country. This year’s themes that speakers are encouraged to share their
    expertise on include:

    ● Culture Tech
    ● Climate Tech
    ● Health Tech
    ● EATrepreneurs
    ● SaaSy Entrepreneurs
    ● Future of Local Business
    ● Investing in Innovation
    ● Startups for Impact

    For a full description of this year’s themes, go to www.noew.org.

    Ahead of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2023, The Idea Village has launched a new
    podcast called Big Easy Ideas. Now available to listen on most major streaming platforms, new
    episodes are released weekly and are approximately 20 to 30 minutes long.. For more
    information and updates about new episodes, sign up for the Big Easy Ideas email list at

    The podcast features a host of industry-specific expertise — from entrepreneurship to
    climate tech to Web3, and more — to inspire founders at all stages and innovation enthusiasts
    across New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and beyond. With a diverse range of talks from successful
    business leaders, startup founders, investors, culture bearers, and more – all recorded live at past
    NOEW events! – listening to Big Easy Ideas is a great way to get an early taste of what’s to
    come at NOEW 2023.

    The first episode features Patrick Comer, VILLAGEx alum, and founder of Lucid, New
    Orleans’ first startup company valued over $1 billion (thus dubbed a “unicorn”). Other episodes
    throughout the first season focus on topics such as Louisiana’s position and potential as a
    growing tech leader, Finance New Orleans’ Resilient New Orleans Innovation Fund to support
    green infrastructure and resiliency projects across the city, the experience of founders building
    their up-and-coming startup from New Orleans, and more.

    NOEW 2023 speakers have the opportunity to have their session potentially featured on
    the Big Easy Ideas podcast next year.

    The Idea Village
    The Idea Village's core belief is that entrepreneurship is an agent of social and economic change.
    As an early champion of entrepreneurship in New Orleans, the organization has played an
    integral role in catalyzing the city's entrepreneurial movement. In addition to supporting over
    16,000 entrepreneurs, The Idea Village has successfully elevated New Orleans' reputation as a
    hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and business. By serving as a catalyst and developing
    programs that provide direct support and education to founders and early-stage companies, The
    Idea Village helps entrepreneurs build innovative and industry-leading companies that generate
    revenue and jobs and help create a more vibrant, inclusive, and resilient local economy.
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