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    JOHN BEL EDWARDS         

    EXECUTIVE SECRETARY                                                                                                                             
    State of Louisiana
    Department of Public Safety and Corrections
    Board of Private Security Examiners
    Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners News Release
    February 3, 2023
    Is Your Private Contract Security Company Licensed?
    Are The Private Contract Company’s Security Officers Registered?
    With the onset of Mardi Gras season, the Louisiana State Board of Private Security
    Examiners would like to remind all private security industry members and stakeholders that all
    security officers are required to be registered with the state regulatory board. As per state
    regulations Louisiana R.S.37:3270 - 3299, all private contract security companies and security
    officers must be either licensed or registered with the State Board of Private Security Examiners.
    Compliance checks will be conducted during the upcoming Mardi Gras season, so please ensure
    that all of your private security officers are properly registered to avoid any legal consequences.

    Also, we would like for the business community to demonstrate their due diligence as
    well by confirming with the security company you hire that all security personnel working in
    your establishment to protect your patrons are properly registered with the state board.

    If you have any questions or concerns about a private security company’s license, or a
    private security officer’s registration, please call the State Board of Private Security Examiners
    Office at 225-272-2310. Alternatively, you can utilize the Public Lookup tool located on our
    licensure and registration portal for verification of a license and/or registration. This search can
    be accessed at the following site: https://www.lsbpselicense.com/lms/public/portal#/lookup.

    Pursuant to Louisiana R.S.§ 37:3283. Security officer and security operations manager registrant;
    card; application; qualifications; investigation; denial, suspension, or revocation; validity; renewal;
    change of address

    B. Every person required to be registered by the board shall carry his registration card when
    performing the duties for which he is registered, and it shall be exhibited upon request by
    any authorized representative of the board or any law enforcement officer. The registration
    card shall entitle the registrant to perform the duties as described therein if the registrant
    maintains his eligibility under the provisions of this Chapter.

    C. The registration card shall bear the name or license number of the employer, an identifying
    number, photograph, and any other identifying data required by the board.

    Registration cards must indicate a level (i.e., Unarmed, Armed, Unarmed Only). It should
    be noted that any registration card bearing the level of Provisional Unarmed is for Unarmed
    service only. Registration cards must indicate the registration status of Registered. If the status
    displayed on the registration card is Expired or Terminated, that registration card is Not Valid.

    The security officer registration card has two components: 1) The left side provides the
    registration number and name of the security officer, along with the registration level at which
    he/she is authorized to stand post; and 2) The right side displays the name of the security
    company with which he/she is employed, and the credentialing dates specific to that company.
    There are several security officers that are employed with more than one company at a time, so
    there may be multiple companies and dates listed on the registration card.

    Our goal is to work with private security professionals to ensure that we, as a
    regulatory board, are maintaining the highest standards of accountability, safety

    and security for our citizens and visitors to our state.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

    15703 Old Hammond Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70816
    (225) 272-2310 | lsbpse.com

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