• Entergy New Orleans makes resilience and hardening filing to strengthen grid

    Regulatory filing is next step in Entergy’s resilience conversation with regulators, communities

    NEW ORLEANS – Today, Entergy New Orleans became the first of Entergy Corporation’s operating
    companies to make a grid hardening and resilience filing with their regulator, the New Orleans City

    The last two hurricane seasons have shown that extreme weather events are impacting the New
    Orleans area, and the entire Gulf Coast region, with increased frequency and severity, with greater
    costs and disruptions to Entergy New Orleans and its customers. Entergy’s entire service area has
    been impacted by multiple, more frequent, and intense severe storms, including Hurricanes Laura and
    Ida, two of the strongest hurricanes to hit Louisiana. The entire region, including New Orleans, must
    pivot to become more storm resilient.

    Entergy New Orleans’ filing includes a menu of options for the New Orleans City Council to consider
    including grid resilience, hardening projects, and alternative technologies such as microgrids. Projects
    were identified through a comprehensive, resilience-based planning approach and prioritized using a
    cost-benefit model designed to select the projects expected to deliver the largest benefits to
    customers.  In totality, these hardening projects are estimated to cost approximately $1.5 billion over 10

    “While investments to harden the grid carry a significant cost, they result in substantial customer
    benefits in the long run,” said Deanna Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of Entergy New
    Orleans. “Robust investments in grid resiliency will reduce the duration of power outages following
    major storms and will also reduce future storm restoration costs. Our objective is twofold - the
    hardening of the New Orleans grid and how quickly we get power back on for customers.”

    “Plans across all of Entergy’s companies call for a $15 billion investment to better protect against
    weather events, from hurricanes to ice storms – and they will include the hardening of more than
    30,000 miles of distribution power lines and nearly 500,000 distribution poles,” said Rod West, group
    utility president for Entergy. “We know that hardening the electric system and investing in newer, more
    robust structures and equipment will help us to be better prepared for the new normal of the storms that
    impact our region. This is about serving our customers – whether it is a family, small business or large
    industrial manufacturer – with more reliable, more resilient power delivery systems.”

    In October of 2021, the New Orleans City Council opened a grid hardening and resilience docket
    asking multiple stakeholders to propose infrastructure resiliency and storm hardening plans for Council
    consideration. The company’s filing today is a crucial step towards beginning the process to make a
    substantial investment in infrastructure needed to positively impact customers.

    “While no amount of infrastructure investment can make an electric system completely resistant to the
    impacts of extreme weather conditions, we know that hardening the system will help us to be better
    prepared for the new normal of the storms that effect our region. The costs of such projects will impact
    customers so we look forward to working with the City Council and other stakeholders to identify which
    projects should be included in the company’s 10-year resiliency investment plan and doing so in an
    affordable way for our customers,” added Rodriguez.

    Entergy New Orleans resilience filing builds upon its previous investments in the grid such as the New
    Orleans Power Station, which provides 128 MW of needed local generation and played a vital role in
    New Orleans’ recovery from Hurricane Ida, the 20 MW New Orleans Solar Station, the commercial and
    residential rooftop solar program, critical updates to the Derbigny and Avenue C substations and the
    underground transformer replacement project in the Central Business District and French Quarter.
    Entergy New Orleans looks forward to a collaborative process at the Council to determine the best path
    for New Orleans.

    To learn more about Entergy’s resilient solutions for a sustainable tomorrow, visit entergy.com/future.

    About Entergy New Orleans
    Entergy New Orleans, LLC provides electricity to more than 209,000 customers and natural gas to
    more than 110,000 customers in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Entergy New Orleans is a subsidiary of
    Entergy Corporation.

    About Entergy
    Entergy (NYSE: ETR), a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New Orleans, powers life for 3 million
    customers through its operating companies across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.
    Entergy is creating a cleaner, more resilient energy future for everyone with our diverse power
    generation portfolio, including increasingly carbon-free energy sources. With roots in the Gulf South
    region for more than a century, Entergy is a recognized leader in corporate citizenship, delivering more
    than $100 million in economic benefits to local communities through philanthropy and advocacy efforts
    annually over the last several years. Our approximately 12,500 employees are dedicated to powering
    life today and for future generations. Learn more at entergy.com and follow @Entergy on social media.

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