• Announcing the 2023 Women of the Year & Nonprofit Organizations

    Our President and CEO Sandra Lombana Lindquist has been selected as one of the Honorees for the 2023 class of CityBusiness Women of the Year & Nonprofit Organizations

    Women of the Year recognizes 50 women from the area whose successes in business and contributions to the community have made them movers and shakers in the region. CityBusiness also recognizes nonprofit organizations that have gone above and beyond in serving the needs of local women and/or children.

    This year’s Women of the Year honorees are:

    Shannon McCloskey Able
    Natalie Bullington Barnes
    Natalie Barranco
    Kelly Brechtel Becker
    Dawn Bradley-Fletcher
    Liz Broekman
    Maggie A. Broussard
    Simone Bruni
    Alita Caparotta
    Jaimmé A. Collins
    Takeisha Davis
    Judy S. DeLucca
    Jasmine Brown DeRousselle
    Mary Deynoodt
    Sandra Diggs-Miller
    Michelle Edelman
    Toni Flowers
    Patty Glaser
    Elise Gallinot Goldman
    Deborah Augustine Grant
    Tammi Griffin-Major
    Avril Habetz
    Ashley J. Heilprin
    Tara Hernandez
    Melissa Hodgson
    Brigitte B. Holthausen
    Annie Sun Juttner
    Wendy Kerrigan
    Kathy Laborde
    Caroline D. Lafourcade
    Sandra Lombana Lindquist
    Ashley Cangelosi Llewellyn
    Deirdre C. McGlinchey
    Grace McIntosh
    Rachel Nunez
    Avery B. Pardee
    Robin D. Pittman
    Laura Walker Plunkett
    Krista Pouncy-Dyson
    Megan Riess
    Katherine G. Schilling
    Emily Sedgwick
    Syrita Steib
    Lauren L. Tafaro
    Susan G. Talley
    Rica Trigs
    Mary T. Tucker
    Yanti Turang
    Euphoria Warren
    Holly Wherry


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