• Love Your City Awards 2021 Nominations Open: Impactful local organizations should apply

    December 03, 2020

    Love Your City Awards 2021 Nominations Open:

    Impactful local organizations should apply



    NEW ORLEANS--2020 has been a difficult year, but our resilient city is full of organizations that have found a way to pivot and give back to our community during the pandemic. 


    Do you know an organization that is doing amazing things for our community? Ask them to nominate themselves for a Love Your City Award.


    The Love Your City Awards, happening on January 28th, 2021, is New Orleans’ annual sustainable business awards ceremony, where organizations are recognized for leadership in 10 impact categories: 


    • Health
    • Food Access
    • Transportation
    • Local Culture
    • Energy
    • Water Management
    • Housing & Built Environment
    • Equity
    • Pollution Prevention
    • Education


    Organizations can apply for one category or apply across all 10 categories for the “Best in Show” Award, an award that recognizes a best all-around for-benefit company.


    Organizations can apply by simply filling out this form


    “The future of business is in impact,” says Ben Johnson, CEO of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce. “The Love Your City Awards helps our business community realize all the ways we can grow our economy while making New Orleans a more sustainable place to live.”


    Applications are due on December 11th.


    For more information, check out the Love Your City Awards website. This year’s event  supports families in need of food with each ticket, while also supporting 50+ local musicians and several black-owned restaurants. Despite the challenges we have faced this year, the Love Your City Awards will give us the opportunity to celebrate our resilience.


    See last year’s short event video featuring key speeches from the 2020 LYC Awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxQDcoy9MsA


    The Love Your City Awards is a part of the Love Your City Initiative, lead by LifeCity.


    Partner & Sponsor organizations for the Love Your City Awards include:


    • The Greater New Orleans Foundation
    • The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce
    • Recirculating Farms Coalition
    • Bypass NOLA
    • Batture
    • Lighthouse Louisiana
    • Happy Raptor
    • Beloved Community
    • LifeCity
    • Tulane School of Public Health
    • The Green Project
    • Ride New Orleans
    • The Water Collaborative
    • The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance
    • The University of New Orleans
    • The New Orleans Business Alliance
    • Friends of City Park
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